Graduate Theological Union

Christian Spirituality




Student Work

Jung Eun Sophia Park,
A Hermeneutics of Dislocation as
Experience: A Resource for Asian
American Spirituality
Luke Ssemakula,
Born Again in Uganda: A Study of Conversion
Experience of Young Adult Ugandans


Dan Groody

Dan Groody, Ph.D. '00 goes to the
other side of the wall to help
immigrants and homeless

Mistie Shaw

Mistie Shaw, M.A. '04, empowers
students in China



Daniel G. Groody (Ph.D. '00), Associate
Professor of Theology, Director of the
Center for Latino Spirituality and Culture
at the Institute for Latino Studies,
University of Notre Dame
Timothy Hessel-Robinson (Ph.D. '06),
Assistant Professor of Spiritual Disciplines
and Resources, Brite Divinity School

Related Blogs, the website and
blog of Elizabeth Drescher (Ph.D. '08),
religion writer and scholar of Christian
Spirituality and Social Media, author of
Tweet If You ♥ Jesus
Triptykos, an experiment in spiritual
formation that engages Christianity as a
path of contemplation, creativity, and
compassion, contributions by Andrew
Dreitcer (Ph.D. '94)
Abbey of the Arts, the website and blog
of Christine Valters Paintner (Ph.D. '04).
She has authored books on monastic
spirituality and creativity, and also is an artist,
spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and




This Area of Concentration is available to students affiliated with the following schools: CDSP, DSPT, JST, PSR, SFTS, SKSM.


Students in this area study Christian religious experience. The program is focused on Christian Spirituality in the context of the broad contemporary understanding of spirituality and in conversation with religious spiritualities outside the Christian sphere. Students work to develop competence in biblical and historical foundations of Christian Spirituality, but are also encouraged to be interdisciplinary and cross-cultural.



Core Doctoral Faculty

Kevin Burke, SJ (JST)

Thomas Cattoi (JST)

John Endres, SJ (JST)

Lisa Fullam (JST)

Arthur Holder (GTU)

James Lawrence (PSR)

Bruce Lescher (JST)

Elizabeth Liebert, SNJM (SFTS)

Mary McGann, RSCJ (JST)

Julia Prinz, VDMF (JST)

Kirsi Stjerna (GTU)

Consortial Faculty Resources

Joseph Boenzi, SBD (DSPST) 

Metropolitan Nikitas Lulias (PAOI)

George Murphy, SJ (JST)

Hung Pham, SJ (JST)

Susan Phillips (NCB)