Graduate Theological Union

Ethics and Social Theory





Student Work


Rebecca Gordon, The Practice of
Torture: Ethical Approaches in the
Post-9/11 Era

Anne Elizabeth Lee, Made in the
Images of God:  Toward a Trinitarian
Virtue Ethics






Chaitanya Motupalli
Eco Ethics in Our World

Marilyn Matevia

Marilyn Matevia,
A Theology for Koko

 Laura Stivers

Laura Stivers (Ph.D. '00),
Explaining Economics from a
Values Perspective

Jerome Baggett

Jerome Baggett (Ph.D. '98),
Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award




Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe
(Ph.D. '06), U.S. Ambassador to the
U.N. Human Rights Council

Suzanne Holland (Ph.D. '97),
Professor of Ethics and Religion,
University of Puget Sound

Randall Miller (Ph.D. '07),
Assistant Professor of Christian
Ethics and Social Thought, Pacific
School of Religion



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This Area of Concentration is available to students affiliated with the following schools: CDSP, DSPT, JST, PLTS, PSR, SFTS, SKSM


Study in this area combines ethics and the social sciences. It includes a focus on theological and social ethics, with attention to ethical theory and history, analysis, and policy as related to politics, health care, feminist ethics, sexual ethics, professional ethics, or environmental ethics. The area can also include the study of religion as a cultural and social phenomenon, with attention to theory, methodology, and research in related disciplines such as sociology and anthropology.

M.A. Requirements



Core Doctoral Faculty

Marianne Farina, CSC (DSPT)

Lisa Fullam (JST)

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda (PLTS)

William O'Neill, SJ (JST)

Rita Sherma (GTU)

Consortial Faculty Resources

Gabriella Lettini (SKSM)

Thomas Massaro, SJ (JST)

James McDonald (SFTS)