Graduate Theological Union

Recent Student Work


Andrei Antokhin, The Nature of Jerome’s Ascetic Hermeneutics in Adversus Jovinianum in the Light of the Fourth Century Christian, Textual and Theological Context

Youngkeun Choi, Rethinking Protestant Nationalism in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945: Chŏng In-gwa and the Christianization of Korea

Hee-Jung Ha, The Formation of Modern Womanhood in East Asia, 1880-1920: American Evangelical Gender Ideology and Modern Nation-Building

Bradley Arthur Peterson, Towards a Protestant Monasticism: The Convent Life Expressed in the Evangelical Church Orders of 16th Century Germany

Hyung Shin Park, Presbyterian Missionaries in Southern Manchuria, 1867-1931: Religion, Society, and Politics

Devorah Schoenfeld, Biblical Exegesis in Twelfth-Century France: A Comparison of Rashi and the Glossa Ordinaria