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Student Work


Young-Chang Cho, Understanding
Metaphorical Sermons as Texts:
Gadamer, Metaphor and Theological
Interpretation of Sermons

Debra J. Mumford, Above All
Prosper: A Critical Analysis of the
Preaching of Creflo Dollar, Jr.





This Area of Concentration is available to students affiliated with the following schools: ABSW, CDSP, JST, PLTS, PSR.


In this area, one studies the practice of preaching in the context of a faith community, focusing on theoretical, practical, and spiritual components. The program involves dialogue with areas of study outside homiletics in order to situate preaching in the context of its broader theological and pastoral landscape.

M.A. Requirements



The Homiletics area is not accepting new doctoral students at this time. However, faculty in this Area offer courses, contribute to the interdisciplinary aspects of doctoral programs in other areas, and are available for membership on student's examination and dissertation committees.



Consortial Faculty Resources

JANA CHILDERS • SFTS (Preaching and Worship) • Theatre, Worship, and Preaching; Performance Theory and Preaching; Aesthetic Theology and Communication

SHAUNA HANNAN • PLTS (Homiletics) • Latin-American homiletical pedagogy, preaching public issues, theology and economic justice, creative wirting, the Psalter and congregational life.

PAUL JANOWIAK, S.J. • JST • Sacramental Presence in the Liturgy; Liturgical Spirituality; Liturgical Devotion as a Communal Practice; Preaching as a Sacramental Event.

J. ALFRED SMITH • ABSW (Preaching and Church Ministries) • Preaching and hermeneutics; social ethics; African-American religious history; theological values in literature.

MARY DONOVAN TURNER • PSR (Homiletics) • Hebrew Bible and preaching; women, voice, and preaching.