Graduate Theological Union

Recent Student Work


Jorge Alberto Aquino, “Ni Blanquitos, Ni Negritos”: Race, Nation, and Identity in U.S. Latino/a Theology

Michael Sepidoza Campos, From Bodies Displaced to Selves Unfurled: A Queer and Postcolonial Filipino-American Theological Anthropology

Jae Haeng Choi, A Group Spiritual Exercise for Healing Han/Brokenheartedness

Cynthia Col, Picturing the Canon: The Murals, Sculpture, and Architecture of the Derge Parkhang

Joanne Doi, Bridge to Compassion: Theological Pilgrimage to Tule Lake and Manzanar

Matthew S. Haar Farris, Participatory Wisdom in Religious Studies:  Jacques Derrida, Philo-Sophia, and Religious Pluralism

Brett C. Hoover,  “What Are We Doing Here?” Local Theologies of Mission from a Shared Catholic Parish in the Midwest

Katherine Lorelle Hough, Restorative Justice and Restorative Theology: A Dialogue

Christina K. Hutchins, Departure: Using Judith Butler’s Agency and Alfred North Whitehead’s Value to Read Temporality Anew

Donny Inbar, A Closeted Jester: Abraham Goldfaden between Huskalah Ideology and Jewish Show Business

Manhong Lin, Toward a Chinese Christian Ethic: Individual, Community, and Society

Yinghua Liu, Chinese Converts in the Chinese Rites Controversy: Ancestral Rites and Their Identity

Carol J. Manahan, The Moral Economy of Corn: Starlink™ and the Ethic of Resistance

Caroline N. Mbonu, A Redemptive Reading of the Doulē in Luke 1:26-38: Towards a Liberative Process for Women in Igbo Society

Scott A. Mitchell, Taking Refuge in the Dharma: Post-Colonialism, Ritual Theory, and American Buddhist Studies

Christy M. Newton, Saving at Wal-Mart: A Theological Analysis of Relationships in Consumer Culture

Damon A. Powell, Black Is Beautiful: An Exploration in Black Theology, Aesthetics and Art

John Charles Roedel, Love is Not a Strategy: Reconsidering Principled Nonviolence

Patricia D. Shannon, Contemporary Pilgrimage Narratives and Social Theory: A Search for the Self

Emily Leah Silverman, Crossing Over: The Queering of the Religious Identities of Edith Stein, a Jewish Nun and Regina Jonas, a Woman Rabbi

Denis Thalson, Individual Memorials: An Emerging Typology of Ritual Mediation through Place

Marina True, Prophet of a New Humanity: Paulos Mar Gregorios on Tradition, Context, and Change as a Basis for Christian Community

Tu Thien Van Truong, Mệnh Trời: Toward a Vietnamese Theology of Mission

Martín Hugo Videla Córdova Quero, Multiply Hybrids: Japanese Brazilian Migrants Negotiating their Identities within the Roman Catholic Church in Japan

Nancy S. Wiens, Discernment and Nature: Exploring Their Relationship through Christian Spirituality and the Natural Sciences

Duck-Kyu Yun, Contemplation and Solidarity: A Study of Post-Traumatic Growth in the Christian Tradition