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Systematic and Philosophical Theology





Student Work


Whitney A. Bauman, From
Creatio ex Nihilo to Terra Nullius:
The Colonial Mind and the
Colonization of Creation

Joseph Prabhakar Dayam,
Re-imagining an Indian Theology
of the Cross Using Dalit Cultural

Kathryn S. Eisenbise, For Thy
Neighbors’ Good: Anabaptist
Soteriology, Separatism, and Social

Jennifer Elisa Veninga, Theology
for a Secular Age: The Danish Social
Imaginary and the Cartoon Crisis of





David Batstone (Ph.D. '89)
I am not for sale

Alexis Latner

Alexis Latner (M.A. '85),
Creating Worlds

Terrence Tilley

Terrence Tilley (Ph.D. '76),
2008 Alumnus of the Year


Related Blogs


Happy Lutheran, by Kristin
Johnston Largen (Ph.D. '02)




Kristin Johnston Largen
(Ph.D. '02), Associate Professor of
Systematic Theology, Lutheran
Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado
(Ph.D. '01), Associate Professor of
Religious Studies, University of Miami

Nancy Pineda-Madrid (Ph.D. '05),
Assistant Professor of Theology and
Latino/a Ministry, Boston College

Joel Schalit (M.A. '94),
Israeli-American author,
publisher, freelance editorial
consultant, Berlin, Germany

Shibley Telhami (M.A. '78),
Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and
Development, University of

Terrence Tilley (Ph.D. '76), Avery
Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Professor of
Catholic Theology, Fordham

Kirk Wegter-McNelly (Ph.D. '03),
Assistant Professor of Theology, Boston



This Area of Concentration is available to students affiliated with any of the GTU schools.


Study in systematic and philosophical theology engages in the ongoing task of interpreting the Christian faith in response to our modern and emerging post-modern culture. Students and faculty analyze the ancient biblical faith by tracing its influence on the history of ideas, its traditional philosophical reformulations, and its various contemporary reconceptualizations. Emphasis is given to the need for theology to be pursued in an ecumenical spirit and to increased attention to cross-cultural dimensions of understanding.

M.A. Requirements



Core Doctoral Faculty

Kevin Burke, SJ (JST)

Thomas Cattoi (JST)

Michael Dodds, OP (DSPT)

George Griener, SJ (JST)

Jay Johnson (PSR)

Bryan Kromholtz, OP (DSPT)

Gregory Anderson Love (SFTS)

Ted Peters (PLTS) 

Anselm Ramelow, OP (DSPT)

Robert John Russell (GTU/CTNS)

Consortial Faculty 

Edward Krasevac, OP (DSPT)

Scott MacDougall (CDSP)

Moses Penumaka (PLTS)

Reiss Potterveld (GTU)

Inese Radzins (PSR)

Mark Richardson (CDSP)

Krisi Stjerna (PLTS)

Anh Tran (JST)