Graduate Theological Union

Recent Student Work


Salvador A. Alcántara, The Theological Contribution of Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J., to the Understanding of Violence

Chung-Hyun Baik, Ontology and Epistemology in Contemporary Discussions on the Relation between the Immanent Trinity and the Economic Trinity

Whitney A. Bauman, From Creatio ex Nihilo to Terra Nullius: The Colonial Mind and the Colonization of Creation

Gaymon Bennett, On the Care of Human Dignity: From Archon to Anthropos

Diane Virginia Bowers, Martin Luther and the Joyful Exchange between Christ and His Christian: Implications for the Doctrine of Justification and the Christian Life

Erin Michele Brigham, Toward a Sustainable Vision of Unity:  A Habermasian Approach to Ecumenical Dialogue

Joseph Prabhakar Dayam, Re-imagining an Indian Theology of the Cross Using Dalit Cultural Resources

Christopher D. Doran, Implicit Presuppositions Made Explicit: A Critical Appraisal of the Theology of Intelligent Design as Found in the Work of William Dembski

Kathryn S. Eisenbise, For Thy Neighbors’ Good: Anabaptist Soteriology, Separatism, and Social Salvation

Frances X. Flynn, The Implications of the Trinitarian Ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council for the Institutional Church

Andrea Giovannoni, Torture and the Catholic Moral Imagination: A Sacramental Counter-Narrative

James Haag, Emergent Freedom: Process Dynamics in Theological, Philosophical, and Scientific Perspective

Nathan John Hallanger, Atoning for Evil: Theodicy and Soteriology in Theology and Science

Nathaniel Hinerman, Sources of Religious Insight at the End-of-Life: A Semeiotic Retrieval

Rebecca Irelan, A Little Experiment in Pragmatic Divinity: Charles Sanders Peirce and the Women of Early Methodism Socialize the Subject of John Wesley’s Doctrine of Sanctification

Joshua M. Moritz, Chosen from Among the Animals: The End of Human Uniqueness and the Election of the Image of God

Gerard Reid, “What is Joke to You is Death to Me”: African Jamaican Praxis and the Signs of the Times—A Christian Theological Perspective

David Paul Siegenthaler, The Human Role in Nature: A Case Study Analysis of Yosemite Planning Processes Employing H. Richard Niebuhr’s Symbol of Responsibility

Kenton M. Stiles, Creativity and Beauty in Christ and World: Aesthetics in John B. Cobb, Jr.’s Christology and Ethics

Sheila Taylor, Re-Orienting our Life Stories: Salvation as Narrative Transformation

Jennifer Elisa Veninga, Theology for a Secular Age: The Danish Social Imaginary and the Cartoon Crisis of 2005-2006

Greg Zuschlag, “The Life Around Us”: Conceptual Seeds for a Non-Anthropocentric Christian Theological Anthropology