Graduate Theological Union

Joint Degree Programs

Degree Offered
Ph.D. granted jointly by the Graduate Theological Union and the University of California, Berkeley.

Application Procedure
Joint Degree students apply both to UCB and to GTU. Applicants must be accepted both by the University of California, Graduate Division and the Doctoral Admissions Committee of the GTU. Students submit separate applications and pay applications fees to both institutions. The deadline for applications to both institutions is December 15 for admission to the next academic year, beginning in August.

Applications are accepted online at and

Students must spend a minimum of one year in residence at GTU, and one year in residence enrolled at UCB. Students generally enroll at GTU during their first year in the program unless extenuating circumstances require a change.

Tuition and Fees
Students pay tuition and fees to the institution where they are in residence. Out-of-state students are normally advised to register at GTU the first year because of high out-of-state tuition fees at the university. At the GTU, registration costs drop substantially after the first two years. At the University of California, if a student is advanced to candidacy within 5 years, the education fee is reduced. Dissertation filing fees must be paid at both institutions. Consult the tuition and fees schedule of the current respective catalogs for fee amounts.

Joint Degree students must successfully complete several language examinations before proceeding to the qualifying examinations. Students may choose to have the language examinations administered according to the procedures of either the GTU or UCB.

Academic Files
Each program needs written evidence of successful completion of all program requirements including: copies of graded language exams, signed forms to signal approval to proceed to qualifying examinations, examinations results, and advancement to candidacy.

Advance to Candidacy
To advance to candidacy, Joint Degree students submit a dissertation prospectus with application for candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to UCB. A copy of the prospectus and signed form must be included in the student's academic file at both GTU and UCB.

Dissertation Filing
Students must follow all GTU and UCB procedures for the completion and deposit of dissertations.