Graduate Theological Union

Moses Penumaka

Pacific Lutheran Theological SeminaryMoses Penumaka Pic
Director, Theological Education for Emerging Ministries [TEEM]


At GTU since 2008

ThD, Graduate Theological Union, 2006
MTh, United Theological College,  South India, 1993
BD, Andhra University, Waltair, South India, 1985
BS, Andhra University, Waltair, South India, 1979

Phone: 510/559-2728

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Names of Allah
  • Names of God in Understanding the Nature of God
  • Asian and Oceania Faiths and Cultures
  • Theology from the Margins


 Selected Publications

  • “Luther and Shankara: Two Ways of Salvation in the India Context,” Dialog, A Journal of Theology, Volume 43, No.3, Fall 2006.
  • “Confirmation Ministry in the Crossfire of Tolerance and Fascism,” Dialog: A Journal of Theology, Volume 41, No.3, Fall 2002.
  • “Theological Implications of the Historical Reconstruction of Jesus Movement and Early Church from a Feminist Perspective”, in Prasanna Kumari, ed. Women in Church and Society: Essays in Honor of Florence Robinson (Department of Women Studies- Gurukul: Chennai, 1999), pp. 67-79.
  • “Female Infanticide and Feoticide: Unwanted at Birth and Even After Birth” in Elizabeth Joy, ed. Lived Realities: Faith Reflections on Gender Justice. (CSIRS: Bangalore, 1999), pp. 101-112.
  • “Dreams of Joseph and Pharaoh: A Brief Biblical Reflection on Globalization” in P. Jagdesh Gandhi & George Cherian, eds. Globalization: A Challenge to the Church (AIASCA: Chennai, 1998), pp. 103-105.
  • “Tiger and Lamb graze together: Mission and Evangelism in the Context of Megatrends in Asia” in Soman Das, Ed. Mission and Evangelism (ISPCK: Delhi, 1998), pp. 164- 170.