Graduate Theological Union

Robert Russell

Robert RussellGraduate Theological Union
Director, Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences
Professor of Theology and Science (In-Residence), GTU
Core Doctoral Faculty Member

At GTU since 1981

Ph.D., (physics) University of California at Santa Cruz
M.A., M. Div., Pacific School of Religion

Phone: 510/848-8152


Research Interests

  • Methodology in Theology and Science
  • Doctrine of Creation and Modern Scientific Cosmology
  • Non-Interventionist Divine Action and Quantum Mechanics
  • Suffering in Nature / Natural Theodicy
  • Resurrection, Eschatology and Big Bang Cosmology


Selected Publications

  • Time in Eternity: Pannenberg, Physics and Eschatology in Creative Mutual Interaction, University of Notre Dame Press, 2012.
  • Cosmology, Evolution and Resurrection Hope, Pandora Press, 2006.
  • "Quantum Physics and the Theology of Non-Interventionist Objective Divine Action," Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science, 2006.
  • "Science and Spirituality," Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality, Blackwell Publishing, 2005.             
  • "Natural theodicy in an evolutionary context: the need for an eschatology of new creation," Theodicy and Eschatology, Australian Theological Forum Press; 2005.
  • Fifty Years in Science and Religion: Ian G. Barbour and His Legacy," Robert John Russell, ed, Ashgate Publications, 2004.