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Historical and Cultural Studies of Religion

About this Department

The Historical and Cultural Studies of Religion department concentrates on the place of religion, spirituality, and theology in society and everyday life, from ancient times to the present. Students develop broad skills in the historical, cultural, social-scientific, comparative, and interdisciplinary study of the world’s sacred and secular traditions, and they gain expertise in a specific field of concentration. Students may focus their work in a single tradition (e.g. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism), a single time and place (e.g. medieval Europe, the contemporary Middle East), or a comparative or shared aspect of more than one tradition, time, or place.

Concentrations of Study

Anthropology of Religion

Art and Religion

Buddhist Studies

Christian Spirituality

Comparative Religion

History of Christianity

Hindu Studies

Islamic Studies

Jain Studies

Jewish Studies

New Religious Movements

Religion and Literature

Sociology of Religion

Core Doctoral Faculty in this Department
Deena Aranoff (Jewish Studies, Comparative Religion)
Jerome Baggett (Sociology of Religion, Anthropology of Religion)
Kathryn Barush (Art and Religion)
Purushottama Bilimoria (Comparative Religion, Hindu Studies, Jain Studies)
Kevin Burke (Christian Spirituality)
Ronald Burris (History of Christianity)
Thomas Cattoi (Christian Spirituality, Comparative Religion)
John Endres (Christian Spirituality)
Marianne Farina (Islamic Studies, Comparative Religion)
Eduardo Fernández (Art and Religion)
Lisa Fullam (Christian Spirituality)
Arthur Holder (Christian Spirituality, History of Christianity)
Munir Jiwa (Islamic Studies, Anthropology of Religion)
Daijaku Kinst (Buddhist Studies)
John Klentos (History of Christianity)
James Lawrence (Christian Spirituality, New Religious Movements)
Bruce Lescher (Christian Spirituality)
Elizabeth Liebert (Christian Spirituality)
Eugene Ludwig (History of Christianity)
Hilary Martin (History of Christianity, Comparative Religion)
Mary McGann (Christian Spirituality)
Scott Mitchell (Buddhist Studies, Comparative Religion)
Ron Nakasone (Art and Religion)
Christopher Ocker (History of Christianity, Comparative Religion)
Richard Payne (Buddhist Studies, Comparative Religion)
Susan Phillips (Christian Spirituality)
Julia Prinz (Christian Spirituality, Art and Religion)
Bernard Schlager (History of Christianity)
Rossitza Schroeder (Art and Religion)
Naomi Seidman (Jewish Studies, Religion and Literature, Comparative Religion)
Rita Sherma (Hindu Studies)
Kirsi Stjerna (Christian Spirituality)
Augustine Thompson (History of Christianity)
Randi Walker (History of Christianity)
Annette Weissenrieder (History of Christianity)
Devin Zuber (Religion and Literature, New Religious Movements)

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