Graduate Theological Union

Cross-Registration Instructions: HNU & Mills

GTU students may take courses at Holy Names University (including the HNU affiliate, the Sophia Center) and at Mills College.


General Information

Course Schedules: Holy Names and Mills

  • Sophia Center at Holy Names University also offers course which GTU students may take


Instruction begins at Holy Names: (note this is different from the GTU)

  • Fall 2013: August 21, 2013
  • Spring 2014: January 8, 2014


Instruction begins at Mills: (note this is different from the GTU)

  • Fall 2013: August 28, 2013
  • Spring 2014: January 22, 2014


If you encounter any difficulty in the cross-registration process, contact John Seal, the GTU Consortial Registrar (510/649-2462).


Instructions for Cross-Registration

1) During Early or General Registration, enter the Holy Names or Mills course units for the course “UCB 9000 01” (use this course number if you cross-register at UC-Berkeley, Mills, or Holy Names; enter the TOTAL number of units for ALL cross-registration courses)

2) Obtain the correct Application and Certification for Cross Registration form from your school's Registrar or from the GTU Registrar’s Office (2nd Floor, 2465 LeConte Ave.). DO NOT use the UCB form, Holy Names University and Mills College have separate forms. These are not available online.

3) Fill out the form completely: Remember to select a grading option, and write down the correct no. of units.

4) Get the required GTU signatures: Start with your Dean and your advisor (if required), then bring the form back to the GTU Registrar’s Office for his/her signature.

5) Get the required Holy Names/Mill signatures:

  • Holy Names: Take the COMPLETED form (including the above signatures) to the Instructor of the course for his her/signature and to the HNU Division Chair (except for Sophia Center courses: the Director of the center signs these forms in place of the Division Chair).
  • Mills: Take the COMPLETED form (including the above signatures) to the Instructor of the course for his her/signature, then take the form to the Mills College Registrar for his/her signature.

6) Once you have ALL of these signatures:

  • Holy Names Take the completed form the Holy Names Registrar. S/he will sign it. Turn in the white copy to the Holy Names Registrar.
  • Mills: Submit the white copy to the Mills Registrar. Keep the pink copy for your records.

7) Submit the yellow copy to the GTU Registrar’s Office. Your cross-registration is not complete until you turn in the yellow copy to the GTU Registrar, and your schedule will show “UCB 9000 Taking UCB Course/s” until you do so. You might also ask the GTU Registrar to make a copy of your cross-registration form for your records.


The GTU Registrar will replace “UCB 9000” with the actual course number and name which will then appear on your WebAdvisor schedule and your transcript.


If you decide not to take the Holy Names University or Mills College course(s) which you included in your WebAdvisor schedule, you must drop “UCB 9000” in WebAdvisor before the end of Late Registration.


If you change or drop a Holy Names University or Mills College class, you must complete the proper paperwork at BOTH institutions. Failure to do so may result in an “F” for the class on your transcript.