Graduate Theological Union

SRC Registration

A Special Reading Course (SRC) enables you to study a topic that is not available via a regular course or to upgrade a lower level course to a higher level course with additional work required.


Registration Instructions

1)    Register for the SRC through WebAdvisor by entering SRC 9999, section 01, or SRC 8888, section 01, and the number of units.  If you are enrolling for multiple SRC’s of the same type, enter the total number of units for all SRC’s.

  • To upgrade an existing course, use SRC 8888 section 01
  • For an SRC which is not an existing course, use SRC 9999 section 01

2)  Obtain the necessary signatures. All SRC forms must be signed by the instructor and include any other signatures required by your school.  If this is not done, you will not receive a grade for the course.

3)   Submit an SRC form for each SRC to your registrar so that the correct instructor’s name can be entered into the system.  The forms are available in the office of your Registrar or online here.  Note that there are different forms for Doctoral students, Common MA students, and students in programs of the member schools (member school forms are not available online at this time).

4)  Forms must be received by the deadline, which is always the last day of late registration. Forms received after the deadline will result in Change of Enrollment and possibly Late Fees being charged to your account.



In order to receive credit for your SRC's, signed forms must be submitted to your registrar. Any SRC's without forms will be removed from your registration.