Graduate Theological Union

Sacred Texts and Their Interpretation

About this Department

This department provides a strong foundation for research and teaching in the fields of Hebrew/Old Testament, New Testament, Hindu Sacred Texts, Islamic Sacred Texts, and Rabbinic Literature. Beginning with the acquisition of appropriate language skills, a student’s study of primary texts includes a variety of methods, including transdisciplinary, and contextual approaches. Students may focus their work on a single religious tradition or engage in a comparative study of texts and their interpretations.

Concentrations of Study

Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament

Hindu Sacred Texts

Islamic Sacred Texts

New Testament 

Rabbinic Literature

Biblical Languages (MA Program only)

Core Doctoral Faculty in this Department
Deena Aranoff (Rabbinic Literature)
Aaron Brody (Biblical Archaeology)
John Endres (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)
LeAnn Snow Flesher (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)
Barbara Green (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)
Gina Hens-Piazza (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)
Munir Jiwa (Islamic Sacred Texts)
Uriah Kim (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)
Eugene Park (New Testament)
Jean-François Racine (New Testament)
Rita Sherma (Hindu Sacred Texts)
Annette Weissenrieder (New Testament)

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