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Theology and Ethics

About this Department

Students in the department of Theology and Ethics acquire knowledge and skills to engage in the ongoing task of interpreting religious and cultural traditions in ways that are responsive to modern and post-modern culture. Students may focus on analysis of these traditions by tracing influences on the development of theology, comparative religion, or interreligious dialogue. Students may also specialize in theological and social ethics, or focus on issues related to particular topics such as health care or the environment. These explorations are pursued in ecumenical and interreligious settings with attention to cross-cultural theological understanding.

Concentrations of Study


Christian Theology

Comparative Ethics

Comparative Theology


Hindu Theology

Islamic Philosophy and Theology

Philosophical Theology

Theology and Science

Core Doctoral Faculty in this Department
Kevin Burke (Christian Theology)
Thomas Cattoi (Christian Theology, Comparative Theology)
Jennifer Davidson (Christian Theology)
Michael Dodds (Christian Theology, Philosophical Theology, Theology and Science)
Marianne Farina (Ethics, Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Comparative Theology)
Eduardo Fernández (Christian Theology)
Lisa Fullam (Ethics)
George Griener (Christian Theology, Philosophical Theology)
Jay Johnson (Christian Theology)
Bryan Kromholtz (Christian Theology, Philosophical Theology, Aesthetics)
Gregory Love (Christian Theology)
Thomas Massaro (Ethics)
Cynthia Moe-Lobeda (Ethics, Comparative Ethics)
Ted Peters (Christian Theology, Theology and Science)
Anselm Ramelow (Christian Theology, Aesthetics, Philosophical Theology)
Robert John Russell (Theology and Science, Christian Theology)
Naomi Seidman (Comparative Ethics)
Rita Sherma (Hindu Philosophy and Theology, Comparative Theology, Ethics, Comparative Ethics)
Kirsi Stjerna (Christian Theology)
Ahn Tran, SJ (Christian Theology, Comparative Theology)

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