Graduate Theological Union

Student Loan Borrowing Policy


In an effort to educate borrowers in making informed financial decisions while in school and to help students realize their educational goals with the minimum necessary amount of educational debt, the GTU Consortial Financial Aid Office has adopted a Student Loan Borrowing Policy. Listed below are the requirements and options for the Federal student loan borrower.

  1. All federal student loan borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling once in the course of a program and prior to the first disbursement of loan funds.  To complete online Entrance Counseling go to and sign in to "Manage My Loans," if you have not previously completed entrance counseling for the school with which your latest financial aid award is associated.
  2. Prior to graduating, withdrawing or dropping below half-time enrollment, all federal student loan borrowers must complete Exit Counseling. On campus sessions are announced during the Spring semester.  To complete online federal Stafford student loan Exit Counseling visit
  3. The Financial Aid Office strongly encourages and may require the completion of the Budget Calculator and Loan Repayment Estimator tools.  The purpose of each worksheet is to ensure you are choosing a loan amount that meets and does not exceed your financial need or your projected ability to successfully manage repayment.  The budget worksheet serves two additional purposes: it is used to estimate the annual cost of living allowances included in the annual Cost of Attendance, and it is used as a reference if/when a student appeals for a budget increase.  The Budget and Loan Worksheets are due prior to the first disbursement of loan funds.
  4. The Financial Aid Office encourages borrowers to attend a Financial Aid Workshop or to complete Financial Aid Awareness Counseling at least once in the course of a student’s program. A workshop may focus on a specific topic such as scholarship research, budgeting, or loan repayment strategies.  Scheduled financial aid workshops are announced to all borrowers through the Financial Aid Important Dates and Events, school e-Newsletters and by email.
  5. All borrowers are invited to seek Financial Aid/Loan Counseling for personal assistance in understanding available financial aid and loan repayment options. To make an appointment with a member of the Financial Aid staff, a student may contact the office by phone or email.  Please visit the Federal Student Aid website at: for access to the Loan Repayment Estimator to get an idea of what your monthly loan payment may look like, depending on the repayment plan you choose.  When it comes time to repay your loans, we suggest a plan that allows you to pay off your loans the fastest.  Remember, the longer you take to pay off your loans, the smaller your monthly payment, but the more you will pay back in total dollars.