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Welcome to the Asia Project at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU)

circle_imageIn an increasingly interconnected and intercultural world, the GTU is transforming theological education with interreligious and intercultural study. Located on the eastern edge of the Pacific Rim, the GTU vibrantly represents the intersection of Asian and Asian American cultures and faith traditions with an unparalleled concentration of Asian, Asian-American, and Oceanic faculty.  We look toward Asia and Oceania for academic and institutional partners, and we have a solid network of more than 170 alumni/ae working throughout Asia. (Read about the history and past programs of the Asia Project)

※    Current Programs

An interdisciplinary, interfaith and intercultural approach to learning about Asia/Asian-American-related and Oceania-related topics:

1.    Course offerings at GTU with primary or secondary focus on Asian religions, cultures and theologies
(Resources on Oceanic faith traditions are being developed and will become available.)
  2.    Resources 

across the whole GTU consortium including visiting scholars

 ※    Managing Board


Moses Penumaka (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary), Chair
Anh Tran (Jesuit School of Theology), Program Director
Hilary Martin (Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology) 
Scott Mitchell (Institute of Buddhist Studies)
Sangyil Sam Park (American Baptist Seminary of the West)
Rita Sherma (Graduate Theological Union)
Heeyoung Chung (PhD student)Program Coordinator
Hyun Ho Peter Park (PhD student), Program Assistant



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