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AOCFT Certificate

Certificate in Asian and Oceanic Cultures and Faith Traditions Program (AOCFT)

yin yangThe AOCFT Program is an interdisciplinary, multi-faith, and cross-cultural program.  It grows out of the GTU’s commitment to partner with persons and institutions from this vast region with the purpose of studying and engaging issues of common interest.   (Download AOCFT flyer)


1. Cognitive aims: at the successful completion of the program the student will have an understanding of: 1) the presuppositions that support the thought and practice of at least two Asian/ Oceanic cultural and faith traditions, 2) their major doctrines, 3) and practices, including their respective ritual cycles and expressive cultures.
2. Affective aims: at end of the program the student will have appropriately informed behavioral skills to engage meaningfully, care for, and minister to persons of different faiths and cultures.


1.    Submit Intent to Enroll form to Angela Munoz, Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean.

2.    Complete the AOCFT introductory seminar (3.0-unit course) with minimum grade of “B”.  The course, offered each fall semester, provides a basic grounding in the study of Asian and Oceanic cultures and faiths. The student must pass. (Note: The next seminar will be offered in Fall 2013.)

3.   Complete three additional 3.0-unit courses with minimum grade of “B ” at the GTU or UC Berkeley on two different Asian/Oceanic culture and faith traditions. (The Director of the Program regularly updates a list of approved courses. The student may also petition to the Director for approval of a course or courses not on the list in case his/her final project is related to AOCFT.)

4.    Participate in one Colloquium series, Green Tea Conversations, or another relevant event/activity.

5.    These requirements must be fulfilled while the student is enrolled in a program at the GTU or its member schools.

6.    Submit AOCFT Requirements Checklist form with relevant proof for verification.

7.    As student's completion of all the requirements is verified, the $50 Certificate fee will be charged to be paid at the GTU Business Office.


All students enrolled at the GTU and its member schools are eligible to register for the AOCFT Certificate Program. 

Please email any questions to