Graduate Theological Union


Faculty with Teaching and Research Interests Related to Asia and Oceania

Asian, Asian-American, and Oceanic faculty, along with other Euro-American faculty possess academic knowledge of and experience in one or more Asian/Oceanic cultures and faith traditions:chi character


Judith Berling

(GTU): Chinese spiritualities, Asian Christianities, world religions and theological education,  interreligious learning for Christians


Thomas Cattoi

(JST): Mahayana Buddhism, Tibetan tradition, theological education in China, theology of inter-religious dialogue, Buddhist-Christian spirituality.


Peter Yuichi Clark

(ABSW): Spiritual Care in Asian American and Pacific Islander populations; implications of Buddhist-Christian interreligious dialogue for pastoral caregiving


Marianne Farina scs

(DSPT/CIS): philosophical studies in Islam, interfaith dialogue, and human rights


Boyung Lee

(PSR): Postcolonialism, racial/ethnic identity and sexuality; Asian feminist theology, Confucian educational philosophy


David Matsumoto

(IBS): Jodo Shinshu History and Thought


Scott A. Mitchell

(IBS): Buddhism in America, Japanese Buddhism, Japanese-American Buddhism


Ronald Y. Nakasone

(GTU): Buddhist aesthetics, art, and ethics, interfaith aesthetics, Okinawan studies


Moses Penumaka

(PLTS): Christology, theology from the margins in Asia, Indian contextual theology


Sangyil “Sam” Park

(ABSW): Associate Professor of Preaching and Director of D. Min Program


Richard Payne

(GTU/IBS): Tantric ritual, ritual studies, Japanese Buddhism


Randi Walker

(PSR): Cultural diversity, race and culture, Protestantism in North American West, history of Christianity in the Pacific Region