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Dear Friends,

Greetings of peace. I would like to extend my deep gratitude for your interest in the work of the Center for Islamic Studies. As the founding director of the Center, I am enthusiastic about our programs through which students and the general public learn about the richness of the Islamic tradition and the diversity of Muslims. I’m writing today to ask that you please consider supporting the Center for Islamic Studies with a gift of $10, 25, $50, $100 or more. Your gift will:

  • Support the CIS students who study areas as diverse as Islamic law, the works of  Imam al-Ghazali, Islamic education in East Africa, mysticism and spirituality, race and gender, Islamophobia, Islam in the media, interreligious and intra-religious dialogue. CIS offers an MA in Islamic studies and a certificate program and offers Islamic studies in various doctoral departments.
  • Support religious diversity in the course offerings at the GTU. Through CIS, students of all faiths can study Islam and Muslim cultures and societies in a range of courses. Topics may include the study of the Qur'an and the Prophetic Tradition, Global Islam, Muslims in America, Islamic Spirituality, Islamic Art and Architecture, Islam in the Public Sphere, Women and Gender in Islam, and forthcoming courses on Islam in Africa, Islam in Asia, and Islam, Sustainability and the Environment.
  • Provide opportunities for public education about Islam and Muslims. CIS sponsors events exploring the rich scholarly traditions of Islam and the diversity of Muslim expressions. Examples include an annual conference on Islamophobia co-sponsored with the Center for Race and Gender at UC Berkeley, negotiating cultural boundaries in the study and teaching of Islamic art, a Madrasa-Midrasha program held jointly with the Center for Jewish Studies, and contributions of the Islamic tradition and Muslims to interreligious education and leadership.

Since our founding in 2007, hundreds of students have taken classes at the Center for Islamic Studies. In addition CIS has hosted more than 700 public events and established important partnerships with GTU member schools, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Zaytuna College, Bay Area Muslim organizations, interfaith organizations, various museums, media/journalists, policy makers, and educators.

The success of CIS is the result of your interest, participation and support. Your financial contribution is an investment in the work of our extraordinary students from around the world, and in our contribution to the GTU’s academic, interreligious, and public platform, where religion meets the world. Please consider giving today. To donate online, use the link at the bottom of this email or the giving options at For more information, including information about our monthly giving program, please contact the GTU Office for Institutional Advancement at 510-649-2531, or at

Thank you for considering a gift today to help us build this vital GTU program.

With my warmest regards, and with peace,

Dr. Munir Jiwa
Founding Director and Associate Professor, Center for Islamic Studies


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