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Siddique Abdullah Gilchrist

Saad Akbar

Suheyla Cetin 

Mahjabeen Dhala

James Ford

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Kamran Khan

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Taqwa Surapati


Ph.D. Students in Islamic Studies

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh

Abdullah Ali

Ali Ataie

Uzma Husaini

Reem Javed

Rasheeda Plenty

Abdul Hamid Robinson-Royal

Mohammad Waqas Sajjad

Amin Tejpar

Hatice Yildiz



Graduates and Thesis Topics

May Kosba - From Ikhwanophobia to Islamophobia: Post-Colonial Cultural Nationalism in Post-Revolutionary Egypt 

Reem Kosba - Contemporary Christian-Muslim Relations in Egypt: Secularism, Violence, and the Challenges of Conflict Resolution

Rania Shah - Al-Ghazali on Reason and Revelation: A Revival in the Heart of the Islamic Scholarly Tradition

Saad Shaukat - Shibli Nomani's Contribution to Kalam

Sundiata Al Rashid - From Bean Pie to Baklava: Islam in the San Francisco Bay Area

Farah El-Sharif - "Making light" of Islam: Representations of Sufism in American Religion and the Public Sphere

Sarah Heddon - The Madrasa Early Childhood Program: An Integrated Model of Islamic Education in Kenya

David Hiller - Breathe in Union: A Brief Look at Islamic Pluralism

Deenaz Kanji - Transformation in Contemporary Sufism: Contested Meanings and New Mediations of the Qawwali Tradition

Fateme Montazeri - Why Death?: An Inquiry into Text and Context in Persian Painting

Yahya Rhodus - Keys to the Revival: An Analytical Study of the Architecture of al-Ghazālī's Iḥyā' 'Ulūm al-Dīn

James Whipple - Reviving the Heart: The Heart, Knowledge, and Spiritual Transformation in al-Ghazālī's Revival of the Religious Sciences