Graduate Theological Union

Interlibrary Loan

Information for ILL Departments of Other Libraries


The holdings of the GTU Library can be found in the following places:

  • OCLC (symbol GTX)
  • GRACE, the GTU Library catalog
  • in MELVYL, the catalog of the University of California library system. GTU holdings are updated quarterly.

Loan Periods and Availability of Materials

  • Books lend for one month; possible renewal upon request.
  • Bound periodicals are not available for lending.
  • Theses: the circulating copy (if one exists) lends for one month; possible renewal upon request. GTU Ph.D. dissertations are also available from Bell and Howell/University Microfilms.

Reproductions of journal articles will be sent as PDF files to the e-mail address of the borrowing institution.

Non-circulating materials include: bound and unbound periodicals; rare materials; some non-rare but brittle or fragile items; reference materials; CD (music, indexes, and multimedia); phonorecordings, audio tapes, microforms and video cassettes.

Materials are loaned only to libraries in the United States.


ILL lending is free for American Theological Library Association (ATLA) libraries.

The following fees apply to all other libraries in the continental U.S. (Fees will be charged to California public libraries as of July 1, 2005):

  • Bibliographic title (up to 4 volumes/reels): $15 or ifm
  • Reproductions: $10 or 10 ifm for 1-25 exposures; additional exposures over the initial 25 are 20 cents per page for each exposure.

Replacement fees: $100 US per bibliographic title.

Postage and Shipping

  • All bibliographic titles are sent via FedEx. Unfortunately, this means we cannot ship items to PO boxes.
  • E-mail is our preferred method of delivering reproductions. If you have a specific e-mail account for us to use, please include it with the request. Otherwise photocopies will be sent via United States mail (USPS).

Please insure all materials for $100.00 minimum.

Submitting Requests

Libraries must request GTU materials through the Interlibrary Loan system on OCLC (symbol GTX).


Information for individuals not affiliated with the GTU

Interlibrary loan is a library-to-library service only. However, individuals may:

  • Come to the library during open hours to use the materials in-house. Stacks are open and no card is required for in-house use of materials.
  • Purchase a borrowing card if you live in one of the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area. Please consult our guide to Borrowing Materials from the GTU Library for more information.
  • Ask your local public library to submit a request for the item via its own Interlibrary Loan service.