Graduate Theological Union

Audio-Visual Room

Digital Workstation

The computer workstation in the Audio-Visual room is a one-stop place for digitizing audio, video and documents.  The workstation includes an Epson scanner with a document feeder, which provides for the efficient scanning of multi-page documents.  The workstation also includes a VCR with computer-interface, which allows users to convert VHS videos to a variety of digital video formats.  The workstation is for faculty, staff and doctoral student use.

The following software is installed on the workstation:

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
This application converts scanned documents and document files (like Word) into PDF format.  PDF documents allow for easy upload to Moodle and other websites, allowing all users to access the documents in an accessible format.  Acrobat also allows users to create forms, which can be submitted through e-mail.

Adobe After Effects CS4
This program allows users to create motion graphics and visual effects, including 3D images from Adobe Photoshop.  After Effects integrates with Premiere Pro (see below) for full video editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
With this application, the user can capture, edit, and deliver video online, on air, on disc, or on a mobile device.  This application, along with the other programs in the Adobe suite, provides for start-to-finish video production.

Adobe Premiere Elements 4
The Elements version is a simpler application than Pro, but it has similar functionality for normal video conversion and production.

Adobe Captivate 5.5
This application allows users to capture an active workstation (screen) to create interactive videos and quizzes.  All of the "Using Moodle" videos were created using Captivate.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
This program is the premiere photo editing application available, including the ability to create 3D and motion-based content.  The advanced tools in this application allows for easy image manipulation with a full spectrum of editing capabilities.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
The Elements version is a simpler application than Extended, but it has similar functionality for normal photo editing.

Adobe Illustrator CS4
With this program, the user can create stunning graphics with multiple art boards.  Because it uses a vector system, the graphics are not distorted when resized.

Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
This application allows the user to create interactive content, featuring animation and video.  Content can be exported in multiple formats, making Flash files the standard for websites.  Live-action video can be imported into Flash to create compressed files for web use.

Adobe Soundbooth CS4
With this program, the user can create digital audio, which can be edited and and improved for web or video use.  The program includes professional tools for creating and polishing audio, customizing music, and adding sound effects.

Adobe Encore CS4
This program, which is integrated with Premiere Pro, allows the user to deliver high-definition video to DVD format with subtitles and other professional-level DVD features.


Other A-V Equipment

TV with DVD/VHS Player

DVDs and VHS tapes owned by the GTU library and instructor-owned media placed on course reserve may be watched in the A-V Room.  The A-V room cannot be used for personal media.

Document/Book Tripod

The tripod allows users to photograph documents and books without damaging the media (spine or paper).  Patrons must bring their own camera (preferably digital) to create the photographs, provided that the flash is turned off (the tripod includes special lighting).  If the media to be photographed is considered "rare," the patron must contact the Library Conservator for more information.

Slide Viewer/Projector

Slides owned by the GTU library and instructor-owned media placed on course reserve can view slides in the A-V room with a view box, which projects the image to a small screen.  The view box can also project images to an external projection screen.

Record (LP) Player and Tape Player

Records (LP) and tapes owned by the GTU library and instructor-owned media placed on course reserve may be played on the record (LP) and tape players in the A-V room.  The A-V room also has many headphones for use.