Graduate Theological Union

Teaching Lab

Reserving the Teaching Lab

Reservations for the Teaching Lab are made on a first come, first serve basis and may be reserved by:

  • GTU Library staff
  • GTU Faculty or staff certified by the Online Learning Coordinator or Reference Librarian
  • Other individuals by special arrangement, at the discretion of the library

To request a reservation, e-mail or visit the Reference desk.  Reservations should be received in advance:

  • one business day in advance for sessions of 1 day in duration or less;
  • one week in advance for sessions spanning 2-4 days;
  • one month in advance for sessions spanning 5 days or longer.

Please notify the Reference Librarian as soon as possible if you must cancel your reservation since others may be wishing to use it.

Facilities, Equipment, and Software

The Teaching Lab contains 10 workstations plus a teacher's workstation. These workstations are networked and are connected to the Internet. Space allows for an additional one student per workstation for a total of 20 students in the Lab. For more than 10 students, please make this request known in your reservation e-mail. Instructors are responsible for checking the equipment and necessary software programs in advance of their event.

Using the Teaching Lab

All first time Lab users must be certified to use the Lab by the Online Learning Coordinator or Reference Librarian at least one week prior to their scheduled time. No one will be allowed to use the Teaching Lab who has not been trained. Please allow twenty minutes for a training session.

The Instructor who has reserved the room should pick up the keys from the Circulation Desk immediately prior to use. There are two keys, one for the back door of the Teaching Lab and a second key for the Instructor's workstation. The Instructor is responsible for securing the instructor's workstation and making sure all of the doors are locked before returning the keys to the Reference desk.

No workstations, including the Instructor's Station, may be reconfigured. Addition and deletion of software, settings changes, or alterations of the desktop are prohibited.

No food or drink, except water in clear plastic bottles, is allowed in the Teaching Lab.

Individuals and groups using the Teaching Lab must return the room to its original order before leaving (arrangement of chairs, returning of equipment, etc.)

Users who experience technical problems should contact the Online Learning Coordinator at 649-2510 or the Reference Desk at 649-2501.

All Lab users must adhere to the Library's Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

If you have special needs for a disabled student, please indicate this on the reservation e-mail to discuss accommodation.