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Rush Cataloging

If you find a book or other item in the GRACE catalog that you want, and it has the following message, you may request request rush cataloging for that item:
1 copy being processed for GTU

Send the following information to the Head of Cataloging, and processing of this book will be rushed, and the book should be available within 2-3 business days.

Author (if available):

GRACE Errors

If you find what you think is an error in the GRACE catalog, please send the following information to the Head of Cataloging.  Please be sure to include a detailed description of the error.

Author (if available):
Call number:
Describe the error:

Custom GRACE Searches

Are you having trouble doing searches in a particular area such as subject headings, author or title? Are you wanting information on a particular topic but are having trouble locating it or bringing everything together? The problem might be that the Library of Congress Subject Headings, Names or Titles are NOT well designed for your particular need. We can create custom Grace searches for you that will facilitate these difficult searches. If you would like to discuss possible custom Grace searches please contact the Head of Cataloging for an appointment.

If you would like to see an example of how these searches work, go to Grace (the Library Catalog) and explore the Bible searches.