Graduate Theological Union

Subject Bibliographies

American Religious History

A variety of resources about America's religious history, including denominations and interest group perspectives.

Biblical Materials

A great resource for exegesis papers.

Catholic Church Resources

A range of materials for information about the Catholic Church.

Early Church History

Good resources for the very early history of the Christian church.

History of Christianity

General resources for the history of Christianity and church.

Islamic Studies

Multiple resources for the study of Islam and the Qur'an.

Judaica Resources in English

A variety of materials for the study of the Jewish religion.

Medieval and Reformation History

Research materials for the study of Medieval and Reformation history.

Religious Themes in Film: Christianity

Lists resources that deal with theory in locating the Christian themes in films, as well as a partial listing of the GTU film collection.


Library resources on spirituality.

Systematic Theology

Resources for theological terms and concepts and on the lives/thoughts of major Christian theologians.

Women/Feminist Studies

Research materials focusing on women in religion, including feminist critiques and perspectives.

Worship/Liturgical Resources

A variety of materials to assist with worship planning, including resources for many denominations.

Research Tips

A basic guide to the resources in the GTU Library.

Copyright Issues

A guide to copyright considerations, including links to specific sections of U.S. copyright law.

Getting Started in Research

Steps towards research, writing and editing papers for class assignments.

Tips on Writing Research Papers

Resources for writing papers and building/creating a bibliography—this goes hand in hand with Getting Started in Research.