Graduate Theological Union


  • Negotiating Faith and Scholarship at the GTU
    Read reflections from GTU faculty, students, and alumni on the promises and challenges of relating their faith and scholarship.

  • Alumni Insights: Pinchas Giller, Ph.D. ’90
    GTU alum Pinchas Giller discusses the path that led him from Jerusalem to the GTU and the cross-cultural research interests he developed during his doctoral studies.

  • Christian Spirituality, Faith, and Scholarship
    An interview with Arthur Holder, GTU dean and vice president for academic affairs and professor of Christian spirituality, on his newly edited book and his thoughts on the relationship between faith and scholarship.

  • New Art History Professor Joins GTU
    The GTU is pleased to welcome Mia M. Mochizuki in her joint JSTB/GTU position as assistant professor of art history and religion.

  • 2005-2006 Newhall Awards
    This year’s Newhall Awards illustrate the groundbreaking research and curriculum at the GTU, spanning topics as diverse as Jewish liturgy, theology and natural science, U.S. Hispanic theology and organizational leadership.

  • Students Speak
    ABSW students Melinda and Belinda Thomas, Dexter Thomas, and Jodie Tooley talk about their experience at the GTU consortium.

  • Point of View: Faith and Scholarship
    FST President Mario DiCicco and GTU President James A. Donahue discuss how academic inquiry may inform belief and whether one’s personal faith commitment should be included in scholarly work.

  • Supporting the GTU: A Moment of Revelation
    A feature on former GTU trustee and Nobel Prize-winning scientist Charles Townes, who was the guest of honor at the GTU’s 2005 Blessing of the Crush.

  • Supporting the GTU: Jewish Scholar Penn Begins Three-Year Fellowship
    Shana Penn, scholar and director of the Jewish Heritage Initiative in Poland, will be researching and writing her new book at the GTU.

  • From the President’s Desk
    GTU President James A. Donahue addresses the role of religion in public life, and the ways in which GTU students connect their studies to world issues.