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Currents Spring 2008We Heard You!

We’ve made some changes to Currents based on what you, our readers, told us in a November 2007 survey.

new format will feature a more colorful 8-12 pages, printed in
mid-April and mid-October. Because of technological improvements, the
cost to print full color is now about the same as it was for our
previous two-color Currents. You asked for and we’re going to give you
stories — about alumni, current students, faculty, cutting-edge
scholarship, research, and new books written by GTU faculty and alumni.
Along with these offerings, we’ll share news of the GTU, and feature a
Q&A column with President James A. Donahue. We’ll be sending an
e-mail version of Currents to you as well as a mail version. The mail
and email versions will point you to even more information, accessible

Learning to Teach to the "Big Ideas"

with Danté Quick as he shares how the Preparing Future Faculty Project
has impacted his teaching style and his future students.

Alumni Then and Now
Bernard Adeney-Risakotta (Ph.D. 1982) recounts his journey from rebellious agnosticism to interreligious education in Indonesia.

Torah Lishma: Study for Its Own Sake
Jhos Singer reflects on how studying for self-improvement has rejuvenated him as a religious school educator.

Student Learns the Power of Activist Filmmaking
Parker explores the far reaching possibilities of the film medium for
religious institutions, especially as a catalyst for dialogue.

GTU Alum Shares $100k Grant to Research Nature and Meaning of Ultimate Reality
Kirk Wegter-McNelly (Ph.D. 2003) probes the universe for physical signs of the universe's origins and contingencies.

Planning a Legacy is a Statement of Gratitude for GTU Retiree
Winifred Barber finds way to sustain the educational institution which inspired her to reach for dreams unseen.

Bernard Osher Foundation gives $1 million to GTU Scholarship Endowment

New Books by Faculty and Alumni

In Memory, John Dillenberger (1918-2008)

Questions about the GTU, religion in the world, or ethics?