Graduate Theological Union


Winter 2007Questioning

2006 Alum of the Year Nancey Murphy (Th.D. ’87), professor of Christian philosophy
at Fuller Theological Seminary, is one of the scholars leading the effort to
reconcile theology and science.

From the President’s

GTU President James A. Donahue reflects on the role the GTU
faculty plays in shaping its students and future alumni.

A Defining Experience
GTU alum David Wheeler gives insight into how the GTU’s academic and
pastoral resources influenced his work as a minister and professor.

Alumni Then and Now
The GTU profiles alums Rose Arthur (Th.D. ’79) and Jeff
Staley (Ph.D. ’85).

Bill Countryman: Sincere Devotion
2006 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Professor L. William “Bill” Countryman, professor of
Biblical Studies at Church
Divinity School
of the Pacific and GTU core doctoral faculty member is retiring at the end
of the 2006-2007 academic year. He gave the 2006 Distinguished Faculty Lecture
entitled “When God’s Friends Becomes God’s Problem: The Punitive Elijah and the
Loving God According to St. Romanos the Melode.”

Students Speak
Doctoral students Marilyn Matevia and Nicanor Sarmiento
reflect on their future careers after leaving the GTU.

More than the
Physical Need

Viji Nakka-Cammauf (Ph.D. ’03) has found a way to channel
the GTU’s commitment to social and ethical causes into her work with orphans in

Fall Highlights
This past fall, the GTU organized a range of events that
highlighted its role as a crossroads for teaching, research, ministry, and

Preparing Our Students to Teach
Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs Arthur Holders
reflects on how the GTU molds future teachers.

Moving Us Forward
Read about GTU trustee Doug Herst.

2006 Blessing of the Crush
A review in pictures and recognition of Maureen O'Brien Sullivan.

Of Note
Other important news around the GTU.