Graduate Theological Union

2017-2018 Committees

Student Committees
  Doctoral Council
Susan Aguilar (HIST)
Levi Checketts (ETHC)
  Student Advisory Committee
Thomas Calobrisi (HCSR)
Sheryl Johnson (THEO)
Leah Macinskas-Le (STI)
Pravina Rodrigues (THEO)
Eric Sias (BS)
Andrew Lee (CHSR)
  Grievance Committee
    Daniel Moceri (IDS)
Hannah Pheasant (IDS)
  Library Committee
Tripp (George) Hudgins (LITG)
  Doctoral Student Representative to the GTU Board of Trustees
    Olga Yunak (IDS)
  Student Representative to the SBL
    Hyun Ho Peter Park (BIBL)
  Student Representative to the AAR
Jennifer Fernandez (THEO)
Faculty Committees
  Awards Committee
Randi Walker (PSR)
Devin Zuber (CSS)
  Appointments and Review Committee
Ted Peters (PLTS)
Naomi Seidman (GTU/CJS)
  Grievance Committee
Anselm Ramelow (DSPT)
Bernard Schlager (PSR)
Annette Weissenrieder (SFTS)
Alternate: Daijaku Kinst (GTU/IBS)
  Doctoral Council
James Lawrence (CSS/PSR)
Eugene Ludwig (DSPT)