Graduate Theological Union

2015-2016 Committees

Student Committees
  Doctoral Council
Sean Gross (ETHC)
Christina Fetherolf (BIBL)
  Student Advisory Committee
Nicole DeLeon (ART)
Vanessa Hawkins (IDS)
Henry Kuo (IDS)
Mauricio Najarro (SPRT)
Rafael Okitafumba Lokola (ETHC)
Hannah Pheasant (ART)
  Grievance Committee
    Sean Albrecht (BIBL)
Tripp (George) Hudgins (LITG)
  Library Committee
Justin Lipscomb (IDS)
  Doctoral Student Representative to the GTU Board of Trustees
    Christopher Moreland (HIST)
  Student Representative to the SBL
    Diandra Chretain (BIBL)
  Student Representative to the AAR
Yohana Junker (ART)
Faculty Committees
  Awards Committee
Gary Macy (JST)
Sam Park (ABSW)
  Appointments and Review Committee
Ted Peters (PLTS)
Randi Walker (PSR)
  Grievance Committee
    Michael Dodds (DSPT)
Boyung Lee (PSR)
Annette Weissenrieder (SFTS)
Alternate: Scott Mitchell (IBS)
  Doctoral Council
    Mary McGann (JST)
Richard Payne (IBS)