Graduate Theological Union

2013-2014 Committees

Student Committees
  Doctoral Council
    Corinna Guerrero (BIBL)
Justin Lipscome (IDS)
  Student Advisory Committee
    Lauren Guerra (THEO)
Tripp Hudgins (LITG)
Christopher Moreland (HIST)
Luke Devine (SPRT)
Suzanne Miller (BIBL)
Robert Peach (IDS)
  Grievance Committee
     Erin Zion (ART)
Daniel London (SPRT)
  Library Committee
    Daniel London (SPRT)
  Doctoral Student Representative to the GTU Board of Trustees
    Kristin Stoneking (IDS)
  Student Representative to the SBL
    Philip Erwin (BIBL)
  Student Representative to the AAR
    Michelle Mueller (CHSR)
Faculty Committees
  Awards Committee
    Kevin Burke (JST)
Scott Mitchell (IBS)
  Appointments and Review Committee
    Augustine Thompson (DSPT)
Annette Weissenrieder (SFTS)
  Grievance Committee
    Deena Aranoff (CJS/GTU)
Eduardo Fernandez (JST)
Anselm Ramelow (DSPT)
Alternate: Ron Nakasone (CARE)
  Doctoral Council
    John Klentos (GTU/PAOI)
Boyung Lee (PSR)