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Kyle K. Schiefelbein-Guerrero

Lecturer in Theology and Educational Technology
Director of Digital Learning

At GTU since 2016

Borsch-Rast Prize and Lectureship

The Borsch-Rast Prize and Lectureship of the Graduate Theological Union has as its purpose the encouragement of the writing and publication of theological scholarship by GTU graduates and current faculty. The endowment for the Borsch-Rast Prize and Lectureship comes from the sale of Trinity Press International, a venture dedicated to the publication of scholarly and often interdisciplinary theological studies. The prize and lectureship honor the joint example and collaboration of Frederick Houk Borsch (1935-2017) and Harold W. Rast (1933-2004).

Copyright Policy

The Graduate Theological Union (GTU) is a community of learners, teachers, and researchers committed to working together in an academic environment. As scholars we are committed to open discourse, free inquiry, and the wide dissemination of the fruits of our labors. In our daily work we depend on the work of others to fuel, validate, or challenge our endeavors. As teachers and learners we respect and value the intellectual property of others.

Uriah Y. Kim

Graduate Theological Union
GTU Academic Dean
John Dillenberger Professor of Biblical Studies
Core Doctoral Faculty Member

At GTU since 2017

PhD, Graduate Theological Union, May 2004

Phone: 510/649-2440


Policies for Withdrawal/Termination from Doctoral and MA Programs

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Withdrawal from the GTU Doctoral Program

There are two ways in which a student can be withdrawn  from the doctoral program: 1) a student-initiated withdrawal and 2) an administrative withdrawal. Withdrawal severs the relationship between the student and the GTU. It is intended to be an irreversible decision.

If a student withdraws,

Biblical Languages

About this Concentration of Study

The MA in Biblical Languages is a specialization within the GTU Common MA Program. Hence, the policies governing the Common MA normally apply to the MA in Biblical Languages.

MA Program Forms (SP16 entry and prior)

The forms below are intended for students who entered the MA Program in the spring 2016 semester or before. Students beginning the program in fall 2016 or after should use the forms here.

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