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Biblical Studies



Student Work

Sean D. Burke, Reading the Ethiopian
Eunuch as a Eunuch: Queering the
Book of Acts

Michele A. Connolly, Disorderly
Women and the Order of God: An
Australian Feminist Reading of the
Gospel of Mark

Art and Religion


Student Work

James Ryan Parker,

Ministers of Movies: Sherwood Pictures and the Church Film Movement

Angela Yarber,

Dancing Feet Find Holy Ground: Embodying the "Feminine" in the Dances of the World's Religions

Areas of Study

The GTU’s programs are governed by Areas, or fields of study. In the doctoral program, students are admitted to an Area and work within that framework. In addition to being a field of study, an Area represents a distinctive methodology or approach to scholarship.

Doctoral Program Areas:

M.A. Program

   Procession 2010

 Kaletsadike Argaw, MA
(Orthodox Christian Studies)
leads the Commencement
Procession.  Read about the thesis

Doctoral Program

GTU offers both the Ph.D. and the Th.D. degree. Both are advanced academic degrees intended to prepare students for professional careers in teaching, writing, and scholarship, as well as for leadership opportunities with religious organizations, social service agencies, foundations, museums, libraries, publishing, and in educational institutions.

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