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Recent Student Work


Brooks Berndt, Preaching Amidst Class Conflict: A Class Analysis of Preaching in Oakland

Young-Chang Cho, Understanding Metaphorical Sermons as Texts: Gadamer, Metaphor and Theological Interpretation of Sermons

Won Yuol Lyu, The Significance of the Socio-Cultural Context in Preaching: A Critical Analysis of the Preaching of Donald Owens

Debra J. Mumford, Above All Prosper: A Critical Analysis of the Preaching of Creflo Dollar, Jr.

Recent Student Work


Karen Chaney, Thinking Globally, Acting Nationally: Negotiating the Duties of Justice within the First World Agricultural Protectionism Debate at the World Trade Organization

Kerry B. Danner-McDonald, Getting Behind Virtues: How Cognitive Linguistics Helps Explain the Function of the Imagination when Using Scripture in Christian Virtue Ethics

Lynne Gerber, Ruling the Unruly Body: Cultural Capital and Symbolic Power in Two Parachurch Ministries

Recent Student Work


Andrei Antokhin, The Nature of Jerome’s Ascetic Hermeneutics in Adversus Jovinianum in the Light of the Fourth Century Christian, Textual and Theological Context

Youngkeun Choi, Rethinking Protestant Nationalism in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945: Chŏng In-gwa and the Christianization of Korea

Hee-Jung Ha, The Formation of Modern Womanhood in East Asia, 1880-1920: American Evangelical Gender Ideology and Modern Nation-Building

Recent Student Work


Sean D. Burke, Reading the Ethiopian Eunuch as a Eunuch: Queering the Book of Acts

Michele A. Connolly, Disorderly Women and the Order of God: An Australian Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Mark

Pong Dae Im, Social Identity in Early Israel:  An Archaeological and Textual Study of Social Behaviors and Group Identity among Highland Villagers in Iron Age I Palestine

2016-2017 Committees

Student Committees
  Doctoral Council
Susan Aguilar (HIST)
Levi Checketts (ETHC)
  Student Advisory Committee

Distinguished Faculty Lectures

Each November the GTU faculty honors a distinguished professor who embodies the scholarly standards, teaching excellence, and commitment to ecumenism that define the GTU. Nominations are considered by the Council of Deans, who then select the next year’s Distinguished Faculty Lecturer.

Selected audio and/or video recordings and other files for these events can be accessed through the GTU Archives in the Hewlett Library.

Surjit Singh Lecture in Comparative Religious Thought and Culture

The Graduate Theological Union has long been a leading center for ecumenical theological education and for interreligious dialogue and understanding. The annual Surjit Singh Lecture in Comparative Religious Thought and Culture builds on this tradition by fostering interreligious and cross-cultural communication and understanding, without compromising the integrity and essential telos of a religion or a culture.

Recent Student Work


Kang Hack Lee, Christian Spiritual Direction for a Confucian Culture: A Korean Perspective

Jung Eun Sophia Park, A Hermeneutics of Dislocation as Experience: A Resource for Asian American Spirituality

Julia D.E. Prinz, “Self-Implicating Biblical Spirituality”: Johann Baptist Metz and Dorothee Sölle at the Interface of Biblical Hermeneutics and Christian Spirituality

Academic & Administrative Calendars 2015-2017






August 29 – September 2        Orientation Week

August 22 – September 2        General Registration Fall Semester 2016

September 5                            Labor Day: Administrative holiday / Library closed

September 6                            Instruction begins for Fall Semester 2016

September 5 – 16                    Late Registration Fall Semester 2016

Thomas West (OFM)

Thomas WestFranciscan School of Theology
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology

At GTU since 1995

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