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Paying Tuition and Fees

All doctoral and GTU special student fees are to be paid to the GTU Business Office, except for (1) the transcript fee which is submitted to the CRO along with the transcript request form and (2) the language course fee, which also is made to the CRO when the student registers for the language course. GTU Common MA students pay their tuition and fees to the business office of their school of affiliation.

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Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium (HTIC)

In 2007 the Graduate Theological Union joined the Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium (HTIC), a consortium comprised of 18 Ph.D.-granting institutions seeking to support and advance the work of Latina/o scholars in order to address the need for more representation of Latina and Latino students and faculty in higher theological and religious studies education. HTIC’s mission and purpose revolve around four major goals:

GTU Commencement

Welcome to the

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Dossier Service

GTU Dossier Services assists GTU doctoral candidates and graduates who are seeking teaching appointments in higher education. Services include e-mail notification of job openings in religious studies, a dossier service, and links to job search resources on the GTU website. To open a dossier file, call 510/649-2440 or e-mail Angela Munoz. Those seeking advice about the academic job search are encouraged to discuss this process with their faculty advisor or committee members.

GTU Orientation


Welcome To The GTU


On behalf of all of us here at the Graduate Theological Union I extend a warm welcome and offer congratulations on your decision to study in this wonderful environment!  Wise choice!

Dining Services

Welcome to Consortial Dining at the GTU. On behalf of the entire dining staff we would like to thank you for participating in our program. We are excited to introduce you to this year’s meal and plan options.

Worship Services

Schedules may be abbreviated or changed during the January term and the summer. Please contact the school to confirm changes.

American Baptist Seminary of the West
Clayborne M. Hill Chapel
2606 Dwight Way, Berkeley

For Students

GTU Students Collage
Many resources are available to GTU students. The links below are provided as a quick way to locate student information:

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