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Asia Project

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Asia Project

Asia Project

The Asia Project seeks to transform theological education by addressing Asian theologies and contexts. It furthers GTU’s mission to educate students for teaching, research, ministry, and service – preparing future global leaders with knowledge of Asian theologies.

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Faculty with Teaching and Research Interests Related to Asia and Oceania

Asian, Asian-American, and Oceanic faculty, along with other Euro-American faculty possess academic knowledge of and experience in one or more Asian/Oceanic cultures and faith traditions:chi character


Judith Berling

Past Programs

Regional Consultations, Faculty Seminars, Partnership Development and Research Support

pattern 1Regional Consultations




Courses with Primary Focus on Asia/Oceania


Spring 2015

HR-4175 ASIAN/OCEANIC CLTRL/FTH TRDTNS, 3 units, Tran(JST), Penumaka(PLTS), Required for AOCFT Certificate            

AOCFT Certificate

Certificate in Asian and Oceanic Cultures and Faith Traditions Program (AOCFT)

Asia Project

Welcome to the Asia Project at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU)

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