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Deena Aranoff

Center for Jewish Studies
Director of Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies
Senior Lecturer in Medieval Jewish Studies

Core Doctoral Faculty Member

At GTU since 2006

PhD, Columbia University


Faculty with Teaching and Research Interests Related to Asia and Oceania

Asian, Asian-American, and Oceanic faculty, along with other Euro-American faculty possess academic knowledge of and experience in one or more Asian/Oceanic cultures and faith traditions:chi character


Judith Berling

Faculty Directory

The Graduate Theological Union has the largest theological faculty in the United States, including renowned experts in Christian spirituality and homiletics as well as in numerous other areas-from Biblical studies to ethics and social theory. Its unparalleled depth of faculty and course selection creates a dynamic intellectual community that draws scholars from around the world.

Reading Ideologies: Essays in Honor of Mary Ann Tolbert


Yong-Sung Ahn (Ph.D. ’05)

Janice Capel Anderson

Ellen T. Armour

Andrea Bieler (PSR)

Sean D. Burke (Ph.D. ’09)

Michelle A. Connolly (Ph.D. ’08)

L. William Countryman (former CDSP faculty)

John A. Darr

Musa W. Dube

J. Cheryl Exum

Shawn Kelley

David Landry

Tat-siong Benny Liew (PSR)

Margaret R. Miles (GTU faculty emerita, Ph.D. ’77)

And the Winner is… Alejandro García-Rivera

Alex Garcia-Rivera receives Sarlo award“I’m amazed,” says, Alejandro (Alex) García-Rivera, Professor of Systematic Theology and GTU Core Doctoral Faculty Member, about receiving the 2010 Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award. “I had very little teaching experience when I came here, and at the start, I didn’t know what I was doing. My ‘training’ came — as in an apprenticeship — mostly from colleagues and through trial and error. What I learned along the way is that teaching is about communication, and that if I pay attention to my method of teaching, it can improve and go beyond the apprentice model.” Continuous improvement has paid off. The Sarlo Award recognizes García-Rivera as a teacher who embodies the values of interreligious sensitivity and commitment, interdisciplinary approach and content in teaching, sensitivity to ethnic and cultural diversity, and creative classroom pedagogical methods and performance.

Memory and Imagination: Essays and Explorations in Buddhist Thought and Culture


Rev. Janet Bregar (Ph.D. ’04)

Collett Cox

Donald C. Drummond (Ph.D. ’07)

Geoff E. Foy (Ph.D. ’03)

Rev. Heng Sure (Ph.D. ’03)

Ikuo Higashibaba (Ph.D. ’97)

Shisei Honda

Richard S. Hunt (former Ph.D. student)

Douglas Kerr (M.A. ’97)

Kuroki Masako (PSR M.A. ’94)

Naoki Nabeshima

Eisho Nasu (Ph.D. ’96)

Nubuo Nomura

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