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Eco Ethics in Our World

Explaining Economics from a Values Perspective

Growing up near Harlem, Laura Stivers (Ph.D. ’00) frequently saw homeless people. There was much diversity in her grade school and many children from poor homes. When she was eight, her family moved to the state of Washington where she lived in a predominately white suburban neighborhood. The social and economic inequalities she observed as a child and her father’s influence as a Christian ethicist, contributed, she says, to ethics and social justice becoming a focus of her teaching.

Jerome Baggett Wins 2008 Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award

Jerome BaggettSnake-handling Pentecostals in Appalachia, Muslim feminists in the Middle East, and leaders in the Central American peace movement: These are a few of the many religious groups Jerome Baggett encourages his students to explore and “to see.” Baggett is the 2008 recipient of the Sarlo Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognizes the values of interreligious sensitivity and commitment, interdisciplinary approach and content in teaching, sensitivity to ethnic and cultural diversity, and creative classroom pedagogical methods and performance.

Innovative GTU Class Tackles Globalization and Ethics

This year's course "Ecumenical Social Ethics in an Age of Globalization" is exploring a question that touches on one of the GTU's abiding concerns: what is the role of religion in the public sphere, now that most local issues are also global in their import, and most global issues are also local?

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