Graduate Theological Union

Recent Student Work


Karen Chaney, Thinking Globally, Acting Nationally: Negotiating the Duties of Justice within the First World Agricultural Protectionism Debate at the World Trade Organization

Kerry B. Danner-McDonald, Getting Behind Virtues: How Cognitive Linguistics Helps Explain the Function of the Imagination when Using Scripture in Christian Virtue Ethics

Lynne Gerber, Ruling the Unruly Body: Cultural Capital and Symbolic Power in Two Parachurch Ministries

Rebecca Gordon, The Practice of Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 Era

Anne Elizabeth Lee, Made in the Images of God:  Toward a Trinitarian Virtue Ethics

Lauren MacKinnon, Prophet and Member: Theological Imaginatives for the New Democracy in Cavanaugh, Hollenbach and O’Donovan

Eli S. McCarthy, A Virtue Ethic Assessment of Nonviolent Peacemaking: Toward Public Discourse and Policy

Randolph H. Miller, Colored Justice: Situating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Justice Ethic in Normative Discourse

Allison J. Tanner, Engaging the Inner Prophet: How American Baptist Pastors Preach on Social Issues in an Age of Tolerance and Schism