Graduate Theological Union

Financial Aid Priority Deadlines

Each of the institutions of the Graduate Theological Union has its own priority deadline for financial aid. The priority deadline is the deadline by which students must apply in order to receive priority consideration for forms of aid that are limited in nature, such as institutional aid and federal work-study. GTU Common M.A. students use the priority deadline listed for their school of affiliation. Students at DSPT, JST, SFTS, and SKSM should contact their schools directly for institutional grant/scholarship application deadlines and forms.

Applications received by the priority deadline are typically processed well in advance of the next academic year/semester.  The primary, academic-year awarding period for financial aid begins in March and continues through the early summer each year.  The timeframe for processing applications received after the primary awarding period is typically two weeks.  Students that submit complete applications between mid-August and early Septmeber will experience a longer processing time.

School         Fall Priority Deadlines       Spring Priority Deadlines 
ABSW   April 15   November 1
CJS and CIS M.A.   April 1   November 1
DSPT   March 15   November 1
GTU Doctoral (new)   February 1   N/A
GTU Doctoral (current)                  February 15   N/A
IBS   April 1   November 1
JST   March 1   October 1
PAOI   April 1   November 1
PLTS (new)   March 1   November 1
PLTS (current)   March 15   November 1
PSR (new)   February 1   November 1
PSR (current)   February 15   November 1
SKSM   April 1   November 1
SFTS   April 15   November 1


For more information on how to apply for financial aid, see How to Apply for Financial Aid.