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Certificate Requirements


The Women’s Studies in Religion certificate program is designed so it is possible to complete the requirements in a single year; however, students are welcome to take more time to finish. Students must be enrolled at the GTU or a member school in order to start the certificate program, but may complete the requirements after they graduate.


  • Submit intent to enroll form.
  • Successfully complete the 3.0 unit "WSR Seminar" (offered each fall semester beginning Sept. 2007), which provides disciplinary perspectives and critical theories important to the study of women in religion and theology.
  • Successfully complete three additional 3.0 unit courses (total of 9.0 units) at the GTU or UC Berkeley in which the experiences of women, women-centered theologies, or feminist theories form a significant component. Two of these courses must also emphasize religious studies or theology. Special reading courses that cover these topics may also be counted toward the certificate. Course requirements should be tailored to the student's degree level. A course may also be acceptable if the student’s final paper/project is on a gender topic. If a student decides to take advantage of this option, she/he has to submit the paper with their requirements checklist.
  • Participate in six co-curricular units. Advertising for WSR events will indicate how many units it is worth. Typically events are worth 2 units, so on average 3 events will fulfill this requirement. The student is responsible for keeping track of the events that she/he attends. Students attending events beginning Fall 2012 will be required to fill out the colloquium verification form for each qualifying event. This form is way for you to give WSR feedback on our events, as well as to promote students engaged participation in events. Please keep these forms and turn them in with your requirements checklist. Events from Fall 2012 and on will no longer have sign in sheets, students will demonstrate their attendance at events they wish to use for units through the completion of the colloquium verification form. For events prior to Fall 2012, just fill in the old colloquium form. The student must submit the colloquium attendance form when they have finished their requirements. The program suggests that students print out a copy of this form and keep track of their events as they happen. The Program Coordinator uses the sign-in sheets strictly for double-checking purposes when checklists are submitted. Students will not have access to previous sign-in sheets, so it is important to keep track of your own attendance. 
  • Submit requirements checklist and all colloquium verification forms, as well as a transcript, to Angela Munoz in the Dean's Office at 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709. All forms can be found on the GTU WSR website as well as on Moodle. Beginning Fall 2013, a $50 certificate-processing fee must be paid to the business office when all required forms have been approved. Students will not be awarded the certificate until the fee is paid. Please contact with any questions. 






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