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                Student Work


Dr. Julia Watts Belser, Between
the Human and the Holy: The
Construction of Talmudic
Theology in Masekhet Ta’anit

Dr. Ashley L. Bacchi
Uncovering Jewish Creativity:
Gender and Intertextuality in Book III
of the Sibylline Oracles

Miriam Y. Attia
Ethical Concerns in Jewish
and Christian Theologies
of Suffering




Renée Powell, M.A. '10,
Finding Home


Deena Aranoff,
The Essence of Judaism

David Rosenberg-Wohl

David Rosenberg-Wohl,
A Profound Surprise

Jhos Singer

Jhos Singer,
Torah Lishma




Serguei Dolgopolskii (Ph.D. '04),
Professor of Comparative Literature,
SUNY Buffalo

Rachel Havrelock (Ph.D. '04),
Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies
and English, University of Illinois,

Julia Watts Belser (Ph.D. '08),
Visiting Assistant Professor of
Women's Studies and Jewish
Ethics at Harvard Divinity School’s
Women’s Studies in Religion Program


Certificate in Jewish Studies

The Center for Jewish Studies and the GTU offer a six course certificate program for individuals who want to have some systematic graduate training in Jewish Studies but are not prepared to undertake the M.A. or Ph.D. The program is also designed for current GTU students who wish to demonstrate a basic command of Jewish Studies; interested students should register their intention with the Office Manager of the Center for Jewish Studies as early as possible in their course of their studies. Applicants not already enrolled in a GTU program may apply by submitting a Certificate Application, statement of purpose, and official transcripts showing completion of a bachelor’s degree. Letters of recommendation may be requested.



A specialized program offered by the GTU faculty at the Center for Jewish Studies


Students may specialize in ancient, medieval, or modern Jewish history and culture. Graduate studies at the Center for Jewish Studies combine an emphasis upon classical Jewish languages and literature with the perspectives and methodologies of contemporary scholarship. M.A. research may focus on themes such as language, Biblical hermeneutics, translation, secularization, sexuality, cultural exchange, and Jewish-Christian interaction. Students may work within the discipline of history as well as literary, religious, or cultural studies.

M.A. Requirements


New and Exciting Opportunity for MA applicants in Jewish Studies!

The Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Theological Union and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies are pleased to announce the establishment of a new fellowship for students pursuing an M.A. in Jewish Studies at the GTU, with supplementary studies at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem.

Fellowship Terms for 2016-2017
The Berkeley-Jerusalem fellowship covers tuition for up to 24 units taken in the academic year 2016-17. The fellowship also provides funds for a term of study at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. Fellows may choose the five-week summer program or the semester program. Fellows receive additional funding for travel expenses and language study.

For more information about the Berkeley-Jerusalem Fellowship program, please contact our office at (510/649-2482, or Andrea Sheaffer in the GTU Admissions Office (510/649-2465, The contact at Pardes is Jenna King Brill, Pardes Assistant Director of Recruitment,



Core Doctoral Faculty

Deena Aranoff (GTU)

Naomi Seidman (GTU)