Graduate Theological Union

Liturgical Studies





Student Work


Francis Tae-Young Chung,
Creating a New Space: Gendered
Space and Worship in Korean
Church Architecture

Sharon R. Fennema, “Falling
All Around Me:” Worship
Performing Theodicy in the Midst
of San Francisco’s AIDS Crisis





Jennifer Davidson (Ph.D. '11),
Assistant Professor of Worship &
Theology, American Baptist
Seminary of the West



This Area of Concentration is available to students affiliated with the following schools: ABSW, CDSP, JST, PLTS, PSR, SKSM


This program seeks to promote the study/understanding of Christian worship as lived and expressed through the churches' various traditions and cultures. The program has several goals:

  1. to ground students in primary areas of liturgical scholarship, history and sources, theology of worship, Christian initiation; Eucharist, worship and culture;
  2. to introduce the tools of scholarship, research and writing;
  3. to provide opportunities to explore other areas of liturgical studies (theology, history, ritual studies), including one area of specialization; and
  4. to afford the possibility of study of their specific liturgical tradition(s).

M.A. Requirements



Core Doctoral Faculty

John Klentos (GTU/PAOI)

Gary Macy (JST)

Mary McGann, RSCJ (JST)

Ruth Meyers (CDSP)

Consortial Faculty

Jennifer Davidson (ABSW)

Sharon Fennema (PSR)

Nancy Hall (ABSW)

Paul Janowiak, SJ (JST)