Graduate Theological Union

Recent Student Work


Francis Tae-Young Chung, Creating a New Space: Gendered Space and Worship in Korean Church Architecture

Jennifer Wilkins Davidson, The Narrative Practice of Memory as Identity in Concerns & Celebrations and the Pastoral Prayer: Constructing a Liturgical Theology of Prayer

Wade Christopher Evans, “To Reveal the Riches of Your Grace”:  Examining the Authorized Eucharistic Christologies of the Episcopal Church with Implications

Sharon R. Fennema, “Falling All Around Me:” Worship Performing Theodicy in the Midst of San Francisco’s AIDS Crisis

Walter Roy Knowles, Numbering Liturgy: An Augustinian Aesthetics of Worship

Jong Hwan Park, Decentering the Ordo, Reclaiming the Ordo: Revisiting Liturgical Theology through the Cane Ridge Camp Meeting

Amy Claire Schifrin, “Give Us Lips to Sing Thy Glory, Tongues Thy Mercy to Proclaim”: The Performative Exegesis of the Word through Preaching and Hymnody

Sylvia A. Sweeney, Rethinking Ash Wednesday: A Reexamination of the Ash Wednesday Rite in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer in Light of an Ecofeminist Hermeneutic of Mortality