Graduate Theological Union

Forms and Guidelines

The forms below are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you don't already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can obtain the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software from Adobe's web site.


Doctoral and MA forms

Change of Enrollment (43KB)
PDF icon Commencement Participation Form (55KB)
PDF icon Monthly Payment Plan Application (171KB)
Petition for an Incomplete (210KB)
Transcript Request for GTU PhD, GTU Common MA, and CJS Certificate students (106KB)


Doctoral program forms

Doctoral Student Review for Research Readiness (33KB)
Petition for a Leave, Doctoral (338KB)
Leave or Withdraw Checklist (244KB)
Proposal for Comprehensive Examinations (33KB)
Request to Proceed to Dissertation (33KB)
Special Reading Course (SRC), Doctoral (58KB)
PDF icon Statement of Intent to Graduate, Doctoral (33KB)
Religious Studies Review-In Progress (36 KB)


MA program forms

  Common M.A. Checklist (8KB)
  Common M.A.: Biblical Languages Concentration Checklist (12KB)
  CJS M.A. Checklist (9KB)
IBS M.A. Checklist (9KB)
  CIS M.A. Checklist (20KB)
PAOI M.A. Checklist (115KB)
Petition to Transfer Coursework (210KB)
Language Proficiency Certification Petition (for Islamic and Jewish Studies Concentration students only) (97KB)
M.A. Thesis Proposal Form (10KB)
Oral Exam Committee Request (for Biblical Languages Concentration students only) (6KB)
  Statement of Intent to Graduate, M.A. (33KB)
Statement of Readiness and Scheduling Request (9KB)
  Thesis Filing/ Oral Exam Extension Agreement, M.A. (9KB)
  Special Reading Course (SRC), MA level (21KB)
  M.A. Leave of Absence Request (15KB)


Doctoral and MA guidelines

Guidelines for annual Professional Development Report (65KB)
Master's thesis and doctoral dissertation guidelines (140KB)
Research involving human subjects (143KB)