Graduate Theological Union


If you are considering a doctoral or master of arts program, you may want to visit the GTU to explore our academic community. With a bit of planning, a visit to the GTU is easily arranged. Your visit can be an hour long, a full day or even a couple of days, and can include a simple meeting with Admissions staff or several meetings with professors, students, and staff, as well as class observation and time to simply take in the Bay Area. It is really up to you!

Allow sufficient time (a minumum of two weeks is preferable) to work with the Admissions Office to set up appointments that will be most helpful for you. The best time to meet students and faculty is during the fall and spring semesters (see Visit Calendar below). While every visit is unique, tailored to fit the informational needs of the visitor, a visit to the GTU typically includes some of the following elements:

  • meeting(s) with faculty
  • meeting(s) with a student
  • attending a class
  • meeting with Admissions staff
  • meeting with Financial Aid staff
  • touring the GTU
  • touring a specific member seminary or affiliated center or institute

How to Get Started

The GTU Admissions Office has a Visits Coordinator ( who will be happy to assist you in arranging your visit. Please answer the following questions and include the answers in your initial contact with the Visits Coordinator -- this information will be needed in order to set up your visit. You will find that some knowledge about our degree programs, areas of study, and member schools will be needed to answer these questions. All the information you need is available on our website.

  • Where will you be visiting from/what is your current mailing address?
  • What degree program are you interested in?
  • Please provide a brief statement (1-3 sentences) of your specific academic interests.
  • What is your most recent degree received?
  • When (semester & year) would you like to begin your studies?
  • Are there any professors or students with whom you know you would like to meet?
  • Would you like to meet with a Financial Aid representative?
  • Would you like to sit in on a class? Do you have a specific one in mind? (You can search our course schedule online.)
  • Will you need accommodations while you are here? *

        If so, are you traveling alone? How many nights will you need a room?

  • Do you have any special requests or questions?

When you have answered these questions and have a date tentatively established, e-mail the information to The Visits Coordinator will be in contact with you within the week.

If you do not have email access, have not received a response, or have any questions, please feel free to call 510/649-2456 or 800/826-4488 to speak with the Visits Coordinator.

(If you are interested in professional ministry and a Master of Divinity degree, please contact the member school that best matches your denominational affiliation).

* When visiting the GTU you are welcome to make use of the modest accommodations that are available right here on “holy hill."  A number of schools have guest rooms available for minimal fees. Assistance with housing may be available.

GTU Admissions - Visit Calendar

2013-2014 Academic Year

The best time to visit the GTU is when the fall and spring semesters are in session, from September through the first half of December and February through the first half of May. These times are optimal because classes are in session, students and faculty are on campus, the GTU is generally buzzing with activity, offering maximum exposure for visitors. We highly recommend visiting during these months. During the summer months we can usually accommodate very simple visits to see the campus and meet with admissions representatives, but most faculty and students will be away and unavailable for meetings.

Of course, there are some limited exceptions during the Fall and Spring months when visits are not possible due to holidays and conferences. Those dates are listed below.

FALL SEMESTER:    September 3 through December 13

October 21-25          Reading Week/Fall Recess

Nov 22-26                American Academy of Religion & Society of Biblical Literature Annual Conference*

Nov 27-28                Thanksgiving**

SPRING SEMESTER:   February 3 through May 23

February 17              Presidents’ Day

March 23-29             Reading Week/Spring Recess

April 18                    Good Friday

* If you are attending either conference during these times, we would love to arrange for you to meet with faculty and students at our annual GTU reception. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

** Please contact the Admissions office by November 11 if you would like to visit during the week immediately following Thanksgiving, December 2-6.


During January Inter-session and the Summer months from June through August, visits are possible but will be limited because classes are not in session and student and faculty schedules are unpredictable at these times.