Graduate Theological Union

The benefits of awareness

Are you concerned about distraction in the classroom or when students are doing assignments? You are not alone. The Chronicle of Higher Education posted an article about Professor David M. Levy's use of meditation and other awareness techniques at the University of Washington to help his students concentrate and get more out of their learning experience. Some GTU instructors use an opening prayer or activity to help students spiritually center as they begin learning, which can benefit the mind as well as the soul. Read more at You're Distracted. This Professor Can Help. The article includes tips for helping students bring awareness to their use of technology.

To translate this for online students, you might create a forum designated for prayer requests and ask students to begin their time on Moodle there before they tackle readings and assignments. You could also include a video of a dance, an image of a painting or photograph, or a video or audio clip of a hymn or guided meditation to start their time online. Or ask students to prayer or meditate before beginning and post a reflection about the experience.


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