Graduate Theological Union

Content from the world's major museums--that you can use in your classes

With more than 30,000 artworks available from 151 museums around the world, the Google Art Project is a treasure trove for educators. The site lets you link directly to works of art that students can see in high resolution detail, along with helpful notes about the artist, the artwork, its location, dimensions and more. You can also send your students on a virtual trip of museums ranging from The Hermitage to the National Museum of Delhi to The Tate and many more. The images are incredible, the site is free, and you can link to all of the images and collections that you wish (and providing your students with a URL is completely acceptable and allowed under copyright law, which means no worries for you).

Here are a couple of samples: The Goddess Athena from the Acropolis Museum, the Study of the Talmud from the Center for Jewish History, a ritual vessel with a human face from the Hunan Provincial Museum, or a Miniature Iconostasis from the Museum of Russian Icons.