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Getting a view of student participation in your course

It can be very helpful to know when your students are accessing your course and what they are engaged in; Moodle has several options that make this easy for you to see. This data can help you notice which students are really engaged with the material and who might be falling behind. It can also help you in planning your time--if you know, for example, which day of the week your students are most likely to post on forums, you can choose more effectively when you want to sign on to read them. There are two ways to do this in your course in Moodle. First, there is a "Recent activity" block on the right hand side of your screen; if you click on it, it will give you a list of, well, recent activities.

settings panel

You can also generate reports that give a more global perspective, such as overall activity in the course, how many posts were added to different forums, etc. To view those reports, go to your Settings panel on the left hand side of your screen and select "joule Reports." That will take you to a snapshot of the past 7 days of your course. You can also pull down the arrow next to the word "Dashboard" for a series of other choices, such as the submission of assignments or a closer look and you can select other time periods, as well. We've just changed the Moodle settings this week to allow you to see more data from the site so we invite you to check it out.

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