Graduate Theological Union

Workshops for Faculty and Doctoral Students

This summer, those looking for information on Moodle Basics have two options: Monday, June 10 and Wednesday, June 26, from 1 pm to 4 pm. These workshops are geared for people new to Moodle or those who want to review the basic information about using it. WizIQ is also offering a free online course on Teaching With Moodle.

In July, for those who have the basics down, look for workshops on:  

  • Creating a Dynamic Online Learning Environment, Tuesday, July 9, 1-4 pm, including information on forums, questionnaires, and reports that help you create and facilitate a dynamic environment where students learn from you and from each other;
  • Engaged Learning on Moodle, Wednesday, July 10, 1-4 pm, focusing on content delivery that encourages students to engage the material, including resources, videos, workshop and lesson modules, and organizing information with glossaries, encyclopedias and wikis;
  • Assignments and Assessments, Thursday, July 11, 1-4 pm, looking at creating assignments, providing feedback, building tests and quizzes (which can be automatically or manually graded—your choice), and setting up and using your grade book.

Video workshop: we will be offering a hands-on workshop just on creating and using videos, led by Dr. Jay Johnson of PSR. You will learn to create and edit videos, and to post them online, and will leave with a short video you can use. If you are interested in participating, please email me at; we will be polling those interested to determine a good time over the summer.