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Aguilar Michel, Armando
Maintenance Assistant/Janitor
  2465 LeConte Avenue   510/649-2477
Allen, Maggie
Accounting Assistant
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2427
Anderson, Beth
Student Assistant, Admissions
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor  


Arce, Wendy
Student Affairs Office Manager/ GTU Receptionist
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2400
Argyris, Steven G.
Vice President for Administration & Finance
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2433
Basilico, Arlene
Colleague Database/Systems Administrator
  1798 Scenic Avenue
(under Chapel)
Benedetto, Robert
Library Director
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2540
Buckley, Josh
Network Support Tech/ Lead Help Desk
  1798 Scenic Avenue
(under Chapel)
Chung, Heeyoung
Student Assistant, Development
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2422
Chretain, Diandra
Admissions, Visits Coordinator
Professional Development Program Coordinator
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2460 
Cox, Christopher
Associate Director of Development
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2531
Davidson, Doug
Director of Communications
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2423
DiGregorio, Jeffrey
Chief Information Officer
  1798 Scenic Avenue Holbrook, 2nd Floor   510/849-8283
Dixon, Clay-Edward
Head of Technical Services & Collection Development
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2509
Drucker, Brett
Director of Advancement
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2424
Esparrago, Rome
Accounting Manager
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2431
Galvan, Nina
Senior Accountant
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2435
Gerlach, Eric
Circulation Assistant
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2506
Hempen, Marie
Circulation Assistant
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2505
Hernandez, Carissa
Technical Services Coordinator & Subscriptions Librarian
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2521
Holder, Arthur
Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2441
Joye, Teresa
Executive Assistant to the President
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2410
KD, Naw San Dee
Reference Librarian
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2501
Kelchner, Alan
Vice President of Insitutional Advancement
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2425
Kook, Kathleen
Dean of Students/VP Student Affairs
  2465 LeConte Avenue 2nd Floor   510/649-2464
Kruger, Michaela
Student Assistant, Academic Dean's Office
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2440
Kumar, Beth
Reference Librarian
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2504
Yan Lan, Iakopo "Jake"
Audio Visual Administrator/Network Technician
  1798 Scenic Avenue
(under Chapel)
Leininger, Austin
Student Assistant, Registration
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor    
Lipscomb, Justin
Online Learning Coordinator

2400 Rige Road 2nd Floor

Manderville, Lily
Programs Manager, C.A.R.E. and Doug Adams Gallery
  1798 Scenic Avenue CARE Office   510/849-8935
Markwell, Michael
Acquisitions Assistant
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2529
Melgar, Cesar
Admissions Associate
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2456
Miller, Stephanie
Circulation Assistant, SFTS
  San Francisco Theological Seminary   415/451-2848
Miller, Suzanne
Student Assistant, Communications
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2420
Moreland, Chris
CJS Office Manager/ Program Coordinator
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2482

Morita, Denise
Director of Financial Aid

  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2459
Muñoz, Angela
Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean & MA Program Coordinator
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2440
Osborne, C.
Building Engineer
  2465 LeConte Avenue   510/649-2477
Palacios, José
Maintenance Assistant/Janitor
  2465 LeConte Avenue   510/649-2477
Peña, Elizabeth
Executive Director, C.A.R.E. & Doug Adams Gallery
  1798 Scenic Avenue CARE Office   510/849-8285
Peterson, Ellen
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2434
Potterveld, Riess
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2410
Radcliffe, Max
Registrar's Assistant
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2403
Seal, John G. M.
Consortial Registrar
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2462
Sheaffer, Andrea
Director of Admissions
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2465
Simon, Michelle
Assistant Director of Finanacial Aid
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2469
Stiver, David
Special Collections Librarian
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2523
Thompson, Fredonia
Academic Secretary
  2465 LeConte Avenue 3rd Floor   510/649-2461
Vo, Thanh
Accounting Associate
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2432
Vo, Vivian
Accounting Assistant
  2400 Ridge Road 3rd Floor   510/649-2443
Walker, Deborah
Director of Human Resources
  2452 Virginia Street
Suite 101-103
Walker, Jessica
Head of Circulation
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2502
Wilson, Danny
Director of Administrative & Academic Computing
  1798 Scenic Avenue
(under Chapel)
Woulfe, Caryl
Assistant to the Library Director
  2400 Ridge Road 2nd Floor   510/649-2541